Faat Kiné


Faat Kiné was abandoned by her husband with her two children. Alone, she will raise and guide them, through courageous efforts, until they reach the baccalaureate.

Through the intertwined portraits of three generations of women, Ousmane Sembène depicts a Senegalese society undergoing profound changes. Faat Kiné, her mother Mami, and her daughter Aby. Kiné manages a gas station and lives alone with her two children. At forty years old, she refuses to succumb to the stigma faced by single mothers and climbs the ladder of success in a male-dominated field.


Venus Seye (Faat Kiné), Mame Ndoumbé (Mami), Ndiagne Dia (Djip), Mariama Balde (Aby), Awa Sène Sarr (Mada), Tabata Ndiaye (Amy Kasse)

  • Directing / Screenplay

    Sembene Ousmane

  • Photography

    Dominique Gentil

  • Original Score

    Yandé Codou Sene

  • Editing

    Kahéna Attia Riveill

  • Production companies

    Filmi Doomireew Production

  • Technical information

    90 minutes - 1.66 - 35mm - Couleur - Mono

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